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18.01.2022 by hintcatcher team | hintcatcher Blog

The new hintcatcher Knowledge Base

In the new hintcatcher knowledgebase we provide you with practical instructions on how to use hintcatcher

In our new hintcatcher Knowledgebase we now provide you with supporting material for using hintcatcher.

It starts with practical instructions for setting up and configuring hintcatcher, which explain step by step how you can configure basic settings in hintcatcher. For example, you will find instructions for configuring your reporting office using the Corporate Design functionality as well as explanations for user administration.

In the future we will expand the knowledge base step by step.

Take a look at our new hintcatcher Knowledgebase !

Note: Despite careful research, this is not legal advice, information is partly based on draft legislation. Subject to change without notice.