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Free digital whistleblower system for associations and non-profit organizations

With hintcatcher we offer your association and non-profit organization without full-time employees a free digital whistleblower system! Equip your association with hintcatcher and offer members the possibility of secure, anonymous reporting of legal and rule violations. In addition, we offer an attractive discount of 50% on the regular monthly price for non-profits with full-time employees.

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Secure Whistleblower System for Clubs

Added value for your association

The digital whistleblower system hintcatcher is a powerful tool for your association

There are also law and rules violations in association. Billing fraud, theft of money from cash offices or harassment can cause great financial damage to a club and damage the reputation.
Although violations are often noticed by other members, they are not always reported to the club management out of fear of negative personal consequences such as exclusion, so that an appropriate reaction of the club management to violations is not always possible.

With the digital whistleblower system hintcatcher, you can provide your members with a suitable platform to report violations securely and - if desired - anonymously to those responsible in your club (e.g. board members and equality officers). This way you support the security in your club and have a strong solution to minimize violations and to be able to react in a timely manner.

Protection for your association and your members

Whistleblowers remain completely anonymous upon request

Permanently reduced & without hidden obligations. Promised!

Quick & easy to set up - no complicated training required

Case data hosted on secure servers in Germany

No maintenance required by you - completely operated by us

Why we offer the digital whistleblower system hintcatcher free of charge for eligible associations and non-profits

Quite simple: we value the work that many people do every day in associations and non-profit organizations

Because we consider the work of associations to be very important, we would like to support associations and non-profit organizations without full-time employees with a free version of our digital whistleblower software solution hintcatcher. This way, you and your club can benefit from the advantages of a digital whistleblower system without burdening your association's budget.
We have no hidden obligations in our offer to associations and non-profits. Of course, we always appreciate recommendations of our offer. So if you like our offer and we support your association with it:

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Further information and application for a free hintcatcher system for your association or non-profit organization

We are pleased that you are interested in a hintcatcher system for your association or non-profit organization. We are happy to provide eligible associations and non-profit organizations without full-time employees and based in the EU with a hintcatcher system free of charge or offer you our attractive 50% discount for non-profits with full-time employees (discount is valid for hintcatcher PLUS and PREMIUM plans only).

Please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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After receiving your request, we will check if your association or non-profit organization meets our criteria for a free hintcatcher version or our Non-Profit discount. Non-Profit discount only valid for hintcatcher PLUS or PREMIUM plans. There is no legal entitlement to the discount.