Security at hintcatcher

We put the thick padlock in front so that your hints are protected

Information about unethical behavior is sensitive data for your company. Therefore, with the digital whistleblowing system hintcatcher, we ensure that hints can safely find their way to you and are guaranteed not to fall into the wrong hands.

Secure Whistleblower System

Case data hosted on secure servers in Germany

Ready to go - without complicated setup and training

Whistleblowers remain completely anonymous

Timely respond to hints and risks

Communicate anonymously with whistleblowers

Supports legal compliance

Secure environment

To protect your data, we rely on a secure infrastructure

System and hoster GDPR (DSGVO) compliant

ISO/IEC 27001 certified hoster

Case data hosted on secure servers in Germany

Redundant systems and data backups in separate geographical region for very high availability

Technically independent from your IT, therefore data is not visible to your administrators

We are a German supplier based in Germany

Secure system

For the security of your company, we rely on modern technologies and strong security features

Integrated audit log for all processing steps

End-to-end encryption of the hint data - even we cannot view them

Anonymity of whistleblowers ensured technically and organizationally

User management and individual authorizations for data economy

Logical isolation of customer data

Support in German & English for questions or problems

End-to-end encrypted hint data

For the security of your sensitive hint data, we rely on end-to-end encryption, so that your hints can even not be viewed by us as the provider of the hintcatcher whistleblower system

With hintcatcher, data transmission is secured according to current standards and transmissions take place via secured SSL connections (HTTPS).
In contrast to other solutions, hint data is additionally end-to-end encrypted by the hintcatcher system between whistleblowers and caseworkers, so that only the parties involved have access to the plain text of the reports. For this purpose, we rely on a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods based on X25519, XSalsa20 and Poly1305.

This keeps your information safe.

Your questions go more into detail?

The security of your data is important to us.
Therefore, please feel free to contact us if you or your IT department have more detailed questions about our hintcatcher whistleblower system and the security measures we use.
We will be happy to explain you the measures we use to protect our customers' data transparently.

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