hintcatcher features

Simple and secure for whistleblowers, legally secure and efficient for company managers

The uncomplicated submission of hints by whistleblowers as well as efficient and legally secure case processing for those responsible characterize the user-friendly digital whistleblower system hintcatcher.

Woman working on hints from whistleblower

Secure data processing in Germany

Ready to go - without complicated setup and training

Whistleblowers remain completely anonymous

Timely respond to hints and risks

Communicate anonymously with whistleblowers

Comply with legal requirements on time

Which functionality the hintcatcher whistleblower system offers

Anonymous reporting channel to protect and encourage whistleblowers

To encourage employees and business partners to report hints about unethical behavior, it is important to protect them from negative consequences. Hintcatcher therefore ensures that all reports are transmitted securely and that whistleblowers cannot be traced - unless they explicitly request this.

File attachments and photos as evidence

In order to substantiate information, whistleblowers can optionally attach documents and photos to hints. These can be viewed by the person responsible at your company for case processing and be used as evidence.

Case management for efficient administration and processing of incoming hints

Incoming hints are subject to legal requirements. For example, a whistleblower must be confirmed that the hint has been correctly received within 7 days. The case management supports your responsible persons in handling each case conscientiously and avoid missing legal deadlines.

Integrated workflow for efficient case processing

The integrated workflow guides you through the individual steps of each case processing, so that you can process each case efficiently. It also guarantees you do not miss any important step. This way, you are safely guided through each case and can concentrate fully on protecting your company.

Legally compliant documentation through an integrated audit log

Every change in a case is recorded in an audit-proof manner in the integrated audit log. Processing steps of a case are documented in a legally secure manner and can be viewed if necessary.

Easy setup without any prior technical knowledge

The hintcatcher whistleblower system is designed so that everyone can set up and use it quickly and easily. This saves time and money, as there is no need for complex training or set-up. To make your hintcatcher system available for whistleblowers, it is sufficient to add a regular link to your intranet or website. If you have any questions, our German and English speaking team will of course be happy to help at any time.

Would you like an individual presentation?

The setup of hintcatcher is very easy, so we offer you different starting options.
You can start right away and set up hintcatcher for your company by yourself - this only takes a few minutes and is easy to do without any prior technical knowledge.
If you would like support with the setup, we are of course happy to assist you.
You can also contact us later at any time in case of technical questions.

If you would like a non-binding presentation first, we would be happy to present you the hintcatcher whistleblower system individually for your company free of charge. We look forward to your inquiry.

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