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28.05.2024 Typical ways to provide a digital whistleblowing reporting office

Presentation of ways in which you can provide potential whistleblowers with a hintcatcher whistleblowing reporting office

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06.12.2023 Obligation to establish internal reporting offices (up to 249 employees)

The obligation to set up internal reporting points for medium-sized companies (50 to 249 employees) comes into force next week

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06.09.2023 Greek language available for the reporting office

With Greek, there is an additional language available in the language pool for the reporting office

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15.05.2023 Allow hint reports by name using custom fields

Instead of an anonymous reporting option, would you like to request the name of the whistleblower as an option or as a requirement when reporting a hint? With the whistleblower software hintcatcher this is quickly configured!

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12.12.2022 Setup an internal reporting office for whistleblowers at short notice

Set up an internal reporting point for misconduct at short notice? No problem with the whistleblower software hintcatcher!

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12.10.2022 Additional languages available for the reporting office

With Norwegian (Bokmål) and Chinese (simplified), there are two more languages available in the language pool for the reporting office

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16.09.2022 Oral whistleblower reports via voice recording

Optionally, you can now enable a voice recording option for hint reports, so that whistleblowers can submit a report by voice recording instead of in written form

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01.08.2022 Configuration option to control the submission of file attachments by whistleblowers

For advanced configuration, you can now control in your hintcatcher whistleblower system whether you want to allow the transmission of file attachments by whistleblowers

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20.07.2022 Whistleblowers can now submit further file attachments if necessary

This extension of the two-way dialog allows whistleblowers to submit further file attachments to an existing report if required

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23.06.2022 Billing/Invoice history now available in Billing Management

With the new billing management, you can independently access the billing history of your hintcatcher subscription at any time

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30.05.2022 New feature: Custom fields for the reporting form of your internal reporting office

Meet the new custom fields feature to further customize your hintcatcher hotline to your needs

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18.01.2022 The new hintcatcher Knowledge Base

In the new hintcatcher knowledgebase we provide you with practical instructions on how to use hintcatcher

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