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20.07.2022 by hintcatcher team | hintcatcher Blog

Whistleblowers can now submit further file attachments if necessary

This extension of the two-way dialog allows whistleblowers to submit further file attachments to an existing report if required

As your caseworkers review and process a hint, additional questions about the course of events may arise.

With the anonymous two-way dialogue integrated in the digital whistleblower system hintcatcher, you can address further questions regarding a case to the whistleblower.

Until now, whistleblowers could use this functionality to reply to queries from those responsible (caseworkers) in text form to - if desired anonymously - provide information that is important for further case processing.

We have now extended this functionality and created the possibility for whistleblowers to add further file attachments in addition to the textual answer to a query if required.

This means that whistleblowers can now send file attachments to those responsible for the company with their initial report and, if necessary, submit additional files such as photos or documents later to a case.


With the extension of the two-way dialog functionality, whistleblowers can now not only react to queries from those responsible for the company in text form, but also attach additional file attachments such as images or documents to the response if desired. For example, this allows to provide further evidence at a later date.

The extended functionality is now automatically available.

Note: Despite careful research, this is not legal advice, information is partly based on draft legislation. Subject to change without notice.