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01.08.2022 by hintcatcher team | hintcatcher Blog

Configuration option to control the submission of file attachments by whistleblowers

For advanced configuration, you can now control in your hintcatcher whistleblower system whether you want to allow the transmission of file attachments by whistleblowers

A number of configuration options allow you to individually adapt your hintcatcher whistleblower system to the needs of your company. The whistleblower software hintcatcher offers you the possibility to carry out this configuration quickly and easily via the administration interface of your whistleblower system through the self-service approach.

By default, whistleblowers can optionally attach files to a report. This can be used, for example, to transmit additional evidence such as documents or photos with a hint report.

However - for IT security reasons, for example - you may not want to receive any file attachments from whistleblowers but instead receive purely textual messages.

We have therefore expanded the configuration options of the hintcatcher whistleblower system so that you can now configure in the settings of your hintcatcher system whether you want to allow the transmission of file attachments by whistleblowers.

You can find step-by-step instructions how to configure this option in the hintcatcher knowledgebase.

This option is available starting with the hintcatcher PLUS plan.


With the new configuration option, you can further adapt your hintcatcher system to your needs.

According to your selected setting, whistleblowers can transmit file attachments with hint reports or you can limit the transmission to purely textual messages.

We hope you like this new configuration option and wish you a lot of fun with your hintcatcher whistleblower system.

Note: Despite careful research, this is not legal advice, information is partly based on draft legislation. Subject to change without notice.