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Permit / prevent the transmission of file attachments by whistleblowers

How to configure the possibility for whistleblowers to submit file attachments

You can specify for your reporting office whether whistleblowers can send file attachments with their report. This configuration option allows you to control whether whistleblowers can submit file attachments and your caseworkers receive them, or whether you want to accept purely textual hints.

If, for example, you do not want to receive file attachments from whistleblowers for IT security reasons, you can deactivate this option and limit the transmission to purely textual information.

If this option is enabled, whistleblowers can submit file attachments with the initial hint message as well as messages sent from a case’s postbox.

Note: If this functionality is included in your hintcatcher plan, this option is enabled by default, thus allowing the submission of file attachments by whistleblowers.

To adjust the setting, please follow the steps below:

  1. In case management, switch to the Settings page
  2. In the Settings of your reporting office section, activate / deactivate the option Allow file attachments from whistleblowers:

    Configuration option for the possibility to accept file attachments by whistleblowers

If this option is activated, whistleblowers will have the possibility to transmit file attachments.

If this option is deactivated, whistleblowers will not have the possibility to transmit file attachments.

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