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Submit a report through your organization's whistleblower system

How whistleblowers can create a report using the hintcatcher reporting platform

This introduction for potential whistleblowers describes the process of reporting via your organization’s hintcatcher whistleblower system. You will learn how to file a report and what steps follow until your case is closed.

Reporting a violation
Processing by those responsible
Feedback on your case

How to file a report via your organization’s hintcatcher whistleblower system

An anonymous report via the hintcatcher whistleblower system is done in just a few steps:

  1. Access your company’s reporting office with your browser. You can obtain the web address of your reporting office from your company.

  2. Select the option to submit a new case

  3. Enter the information about your report, including the description and time of the incident

    Note: The more precisely you describe the incident, the faster and better those responsible can react to it. However, be careful to not provide any personal information if you want to preserve your anonymity.

  4. You can add file attachments to your notice if necessary

  5. Submit the case

  6. You will now see a case ID and a case-related password.

    Please make a note of this information or print it. You will only be able to access the case and responses from those responsible with these credentials.

Your report has now been successfully transmitted. Please note that you will not be notified automatically in case of questions or answers from those responsible in order to preserve your anonymity. You should therefore access your case at regular intervals to retrieve answers and possible queries.

What are the next steps?

You can find out about the current status of your case at any time. To do this, access the reporting office of your company and select the option to inspect the postbox for a report that has already been submitted. Sign in with the access credentials (case ID and case-related password - see step 6 of the instructions above) that you received after submitting your report.

  1. The receipt of your case will be checked and confirmed

    Note: You can expect a confirmation of receipt no later than 7 days after submitting your report.

  2. A person in charge will check your report and ask you questions for clarifications if necessary. Any queries will be sent to you via the case’s postbox and you can answer them there.

  3. Responsible persons will process your case and define measures to limit the impact of the incident

  4. Those responsible provide you with the final feedback via the postbox and thus give you feedback on the measures taken

    Note: You can expect a final response no later than 3 months after the confirmed receipt of your report.

That closes the case. Closed cases will be deleted from the system after a reasonable period of time for data protection measures. Therefore, please check the processing status of your case regularly via the postbox.

If you have any questions, please contact the responsible contact person for your hintcatcher reporting office in your organization.

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