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Join a hintcatcher system as a case worker

How to accept an invitation to a hintcatcher system and join it as a case worker

To accept an invitation to a hintcatcher system and join it as a caseworker, you first need a hintcatcher user account. You can then accept the invitation to a hintcatcher system and join it as a caseworker.

You can find out how you, as an administrator, can invite additional caseworkers to your hintcatcher system in this article on user management.

Join an existing organization as a case worker

  1. Navigate to manage.hintcatcher.com
  2. Choose the Sign up now option and create a user account with your company email address

    Note: Your email address must exactly match the email address with which you were invited to your hintcatcher system by your administrator

    Important: Write down your password in a safe place. Without your password, you will not be able to access your cases.

  3. You will now be asked to confirm your email address. To do so, please check your email inbox and click the confirmation link you received from hintcatcher. Please check your spam / junk folder if you have not received the confirmation email in your email inbox after some time.
  4. After clicking on the confirmation link, manage.hintcatcher.com will open and the invitation to your organization will be displayed. If the login mask is displayed instead, please log in to the system with the user data of your hintcatcher user account assigned in the previous steps.
  5. You can now accept the organization’s invitation and join it. After accepting the invitation, you will be redirected to case management.

For more information on using your hintcatcher system, see the hintcatcher Knowledgebase.

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