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Adding case notes

How to use the Case Notes feature to add more information to cases

During case processing in hintcatcher, you may want to attach more information to a case so that you have all the information about that case in one place.

The Add Case Note feature allows you to do just that: You can use this feature to save an internal note to a case. This could, for example, be the following information:

  • Intermediate status of a processing step
  • Minutes of a meeting to clarify the cause or define measures
  • Notes for other caseworkers

Below we explain you how to add an internal note to a case.

Adding an internal note to a case

  1. Open the detail view of the relevant case
  2. Click the Add case note button in the top-right corner of the page

    Button add case note

  3. The input dialog for the case note opens

    Add case note dialog

  4. Enter your desired case note
  5. Optionally attach a file to the case note by selecting the desired file.

    Note: This feature is only available in select hintcatcher plans.

  6. Save the note

Your case note is now reflected in the case history further down the page.

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