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Setting up your whistleblower system - how to get started with hintcatcher

With our step-by-step guide, your whistleblower system is set up in just a few steps

Setting up your whistleblower system for your company

Please follow the steps below to set up your hintcatcher system:

  1. Navigate to manage.hintcatcher.com in your browser
  2. Choose the Sign up now option and create a user account with your company email address

    Important: Write down your password in a safe place. Without your password, you will not be able to access your cases.

  3. If you are the first person to set up hintcatcher in your company, select the option to create a new organization in the next step
  4. Enter the name of your company and select Create organization
  5. You are now in the case management and the public address of your reporting office is displayed (e.g. https://report.hintcatcher.com/123456789). Please place this address on your intranet, website and communications to make potential whistleblowers aware of your newly established reporting office.

    The basic setup is now complete and you are ready to securely receive hints. In order to customize your reporting office (e.g. design/texts), please visit the settings page and apply the customizations as preferred. As the first user in your organization, you were automatically given the Administrator role.

Invite more caseworkers

  1. In the case management, switch to the User management screen
  2. Please enter the email address of the person to invite and invite him/her

    Note: The email address must exactly match the email address that your colleague uses to register the hintcatcher account

  3. The person is now invited and can accept the invitation as described below

Please find additional information about the user management here

Join an existing organization as a case worker

  1. Navigate to manage.hintcatcher.com
  2. Choose the Sign up now option and create a user account with your company email address

    Note: Your email address must exactly match the email address with which you were invited by your administrator

  3. You will now be asked to confirm your email address. To do so, please check your email inbox and click the confirmation link you received from hintcatcher.
  4. After confirming your email address, the organization invitation will be displayed and you can join the organization

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