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What system requirements are necessary for hintcatcher?

Information about the system requirements for using the hintcatcher system

The digital whistleblower system hintcatcher is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) / cloud solution via the Internet. Access to the reporting office and the case management of the hintcatcher system takes place via a standard, up-to-date internet browser.

Due to the widespread use of modern, up-to-date Internet browsers, hintcatcher works easily for the majority of users without having to create special system requirements in advance.

In this article, we provide interested users with additional technical information about the system requirements, as compatibility cannot generally be answered due to the large number of individual and different network and system configurations.

We generally strive for a high level of compatibility with common, popular browsers in the browser versions currently actively supported by browser manufacturers. Common supported browsers include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

There are also a number of other Internet browsers that can also be used to access hintcatcher at the time of updating this article, without being mentioned in the above list and without being officially supported.

For the best possible performance, including in terms of security aspects, we recommend that you have the automatic updates of your browser activated and always use the latest version of the supported browser.

Note: Due to different function support and the constant development of Internet browsers, it is possible that a small part of functions of hintcatcher may not be fully available in all browsers.

Notes on network configuration

Access to the reporting office and case management of the hintcatcher system takes place via a standard internet connection and therefore requires an active internet connection on your device. Offline access is not possible.

Note: If a highly restrictive network configuration is activated in your network, it is possible that this configuration will disrupt necessary connections to the hintcatcher system, so that trouble-free use is not possible. Since your local network configuration is beyond our control, in this case your IT will need to adjust the network configuration in order to enable the necessary connections so hintcatcher can be used. If necessary, we will be happy to provide your IT with further information regarding the network addresses to be activated, etc.

Testing hintcatcher

We want you to only choose hintcatcher if you are completely satisfied with the system.

We therefore recommend that you use the free and non-binding hintcatcher trial version, with which you can test the system in your system configuration without obligation to make sure that you can use hintcatcher without any problems in advance.

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