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Overview list of cases

How to work with the overview of all cases

In the tabular case overview of the hints/cases, you can see the processing status of the individual cases in the hintcatcher system, whereby you can filter and sort cases according to the criteria set.

The individual sections

Selection of cases

Navigation Options for case lists

In the navigation you can select Active cases, Unseen, Almost due and Done cases. Depending on the selection, only the affected cases are displayed in the table.

Sorting the cases

Sort options in the case list table

The list of cases can be sorted by

  • Report date ascending/descending
  • Incident date ascending
  • Case-ID ascending

Tabular list of cases

List represenation of one case

In the list of cases, the following information can be seen for each individual case: The 1st column (left) shows the assigned caseworker, column 2 contains the case ID (and a custom identifier, if entered), column 3 contains the Timeline, further to the right the activities already carried out (progress) are shown symbolically.

The symbols mean (colored: status reached, grayed out: status not yet reached)

Case received Case received

Case opened Case opened

Case receipt confirmed Case receipt confirmed

Measures defined Measures defined

Final response given Final response given

Case is done Case is done

Assigning a caseworker

A caseworker can be assigned to the case by clicking on the 3 dots on the far right of a case line.

Assign caseworker

Clicking on Assign person opens a window with possible case workers.

Caseworker selection

By clicking on one of the names, this case worker is assigned to the case. If a caseworker was already assigned to the case, the case can also be unassigned by clicking Unassign. Alternatively, a different caseworker can be specified.

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