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Permit / prevent hint reporting via voice recording

How to configure the possibility for whistleblowers to send hint reports via integrated voice recording

The optional voice recording allows whistleblowers to record a verbal report directly in the reporting form of your reporting office and to transmit it instead of a textual report.

If the option is activated, the recorder that enables recording is displayed in the report form:
Recorder controls in the report form

A voice recording is transmitted as a file attachment in the initial whistleblower report message and can be downloaded by caseworkers like other file attachments and played with a suitable player.

To activate the optional voice recording for whistleblowers, please carry out the following steps:

  1. In case management, switch to the Settings page
  2. In the Settings of your reporting office section, activate the Enable Voice Recording option:
    Automatic case receipt confirmation option

Whistleblowers on supported devices now have the option to record a voice message directly via voice recording in the browser and sending it with the report instead of a written hint report.

Caseworkers receive the voice recording as a file attachment with the initial message of the corresponding case.

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